Слава Гринюк: Biography

Slava Grinuk (20.02.1970 — 01.05.1999)

Man alive - still alive the memory of him, say the sages . If so, then unusually early passed away from us Slava Grinuk has a long, long life. More than 10 years have passed since he left this world, left being very young, even not having reached his 30s . Still,however,his friends remember the stories that happened to him, as if it was yesterday. He had a very strong personality . Confident, calm, wiser than people are supposed to be at his age . Next to his peers, friends and groupmates, he looked like Uncle- mentor, not even his appearance, but behavior and ability to communicate . Moreover, he had no enemies, he was loved and respected by almost everyone. So he remained in our memory.

He graduated from Moscow State University in 1992 . The Faculty of Mechanics.
His very first tournament at the club was won by him. Permanent partner - Witold Sliva.
Club Master, 3Pb, 1241 mb

1991 Team Championship in Moscow 27 th place ("Placard")
1993 Team Championship in Moscow 9 place ("Alex")
1995 Couple championship of Russia 6 place (W. Sliva)
Rio Cup 8 th place ("Alex")
Samara Trophy 17 place (W. Sliva)
1996 Russia Team Championship 6 place ("Alex")
Couple Championship Russia 19 place (W. Sliva)
Mikstovy Championship Russia 18 (E. Gitelmaher) 4 ("DOOM")
Moscow stage of the selection to Russia team 3 place
West semifinals 3 place ("Alex")
Team Championship in Moscow 4 place ("Alex")
Couple Championship in Moscow 11 place (W. Sliva)
Memorial Rybakova 18 place (W. Sliva)
1997 Russia Team Championship 8 place ("Alex")
Cup of Russia 20 place (W. Sliva)
Couple Championship in Moscow 12 place
Team Championship in Moscow 7 place ("Lukomorye")
tournament in memory of Sergei Kierych 15 place (W. Sliva)
Rio Cup 2 place "Alex")
West semifinals 1 place ("Alex")
1998 West semifinals 8 place ("Alex")
Team Championship in Moscow 10 place ("Lukomorye")
Rio Cup 14 place ("Alex")